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Our focus is to inspire and encourage students in a lifelong practice through sustainable and innovative classes informed by ancient traditions as well as contemporary research.

Our sustainably developed bricks-and-mortar yoga studio has been home to an inviting and close-knit community of practitioners since 2012. We pride ourselves in our ability to create a joyous and peaceful atmosphere that fosters deeper connection with ourselves, those around us, and the world we live in.

Throughout this rich process of self-exploration, we hope to be a support for all those who wish to bring out the potential in themselves, to live a more meaningful and conscious life. Our deepest intention is fostering peace.

Slide sukha
सुख comes from the sanksrit word, directly translated as "good space"
- su (good) and kha (space).
Like most words it has various meanings
in different contexts and dialects.
In most Sanskrit writing it can be translated as “happiness,” “ease” or
“bliss.” Patanjali uses this word in the yoga sutras "2.46, sthira sukha
asanas, that an asana should be both sthira (stable) and sukha
(comfortable). In other words, it is important that there exists an equal
balance of striving to achieve and maintain a pose as there is in the
enjoyment and ease of holding the pose" (yogapedia). In the ancient Pali
language, used in Theravada Buddhist traditions, the connotation of
'sukha' denotes an authentic state of happiness within a being that is
lasting rather than transient.
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