Our Team

Amanda O’Malley

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Cora Timofte

Yoga Teacher & Studio Manager

Darcy Hagerman

Yoga Teacher & Co-Director

David Crimi

Yoga Teacher

Emilee Isen

Yoga Teacher & Studio Manager

Lingson Lam

Yoga Teacher

Marisa Wardinger-Kahn

Yoga Teacher & Co-Director

Naomi Zahler

Pilates, Yoga Teacher & Program Co-Director

Paige Schuman

Pilates Teacher

Paria Mirazimi

Pilates Teacher & Program Co-Director


People About Us

“I’ve been to several studios before and practising in the Thornhill studio, it is by far my favourite. Not only are the teachers friendly and eager to help students improve their yoga practice, the studio is modern, with multiple practice rooms, large change-rooms with several shower stalls, and a nice common area to talk with students after class.”

Patrick P.

“We‘ve always appreciated the variety of classes and sense of community you’ve given us over the years..  The staff and teachers always strive for excellence in everything they deliver from dealing with memberships or questions to their meticulous instructions in guiding your practice. You have provided a much needed escape and grounding while strengthening our bodies and minds. Thank you!”

Rita & Steve M.

“I have been with this community since 2013, it is my Island of peace where I can reconnect  to myself, fill my cup and bring my light to the world. In these times of transformation, I realized that I can survive without a lot of things..I also realized how much the yoga practice means to me and that this is actually my home. If you are looking for a community, seek no longer, because you have found it.”

Elena B.

“Innovative, Inclusive, Inspired!”

Louise O.