Classes + Schedule – Sukha Yoga


An accessible, balanced, and challenging practice that is designed with high standards to be familiar and sustainable. There is time given in every pose to safely learn, explore and dive deep into the experience. This class is perfect for those who are new to the practice while still challenging enough for the experienced yogi craving familiarity and the desire to progress within a foundational format.


A balanced and rhythmic style that is distinguished from our Standard practice by it's vigorous pace. This well-rounded class is designed to be a touch familiar while introducing novel components.

Flow II

An intelligently sequenced class for a novel experience. Expect to be uniquely challenged with complex movement patterns and/or advanced postures. We encourage innovation for deeper focus and exploration. Previous experience with Standard/Flow is recommended.


A therapeutic style class designed for exploring facets of flexibility with long holds to create a meditative experience. As the bodies tissues are held in lengthened positions, chemicals are produced that encourage resiliency, strength and hydration within the fascia. This practice also provides students a great way to start in an environment with reduced heat.

First Time?

If it’s your first time at the studio, we look forward to meeting you! Please arrive early as class begins on time. If you’re able to sign up for an account online prior to your first visit, it will save you some time when you arrive. We offer yoga mats and towels for rental and to purchase. We recommend that you bring a bottle of water with you for practice, but we also sell bottles and bottled water in studio. To learn more about studio etiquette, select the button below.