Classes + Schedule – Sukha Pilates

Classical Reformer

Accessible to all levels of experience, this class will emphasize the fundamentals of Pilates with a focus on traditional Pilates reformer exercises and methodology. Learn everything you need to know about using a reformer, resulting in noticeable improvements in the strength of your core, alignment and mobility. An amazing complement to your regular yoga practice and/or any other exercise practice already a part of your weekly routine.

Sukha Reformer

Accessible to everyone, this uniquely designed class is playful, dynamic and designed to pair functional fitness training with Pilates movement philosophy.  Students can expect to be challenged, to sweat, to shake and to leave class feeling stronger on every level.

First Time?

If it’s your first time at the studio, we look forward to meeting you! Please arrive early as class begins on time. If you’re able to sign up for an account online prior to your first visit, it will save you some time when you arrive. All the props you need for your Reformer Pilates class will be provided in studio. We do recommend that you bring a bottle of water with you for practice, but we also sells bottles and bottled water in studio. To learn more about studio etiquette, select the button below.