1. How do I sign up for class?
    Register for class online at mind-body by selecting the class from our schedule page.
    You can register for live Zoom classes on mind-body as well–register at least 30 minutes in advance. Check your e-mail address for access and click on the link to join class. If you don’t receive an e-mail check your spam folder or contact us.
  2. Is parking available?
    Yes, we have a free underground parking lot and space right in front of our building. Parking on the street is also permitted and cost free. (Please, avoid parking at the back of the building).
  3. What should I bring for class?
    All you need for class is a mat and clothing that is comfortable to work up a sweat in. We do recommend that you bring a bottle of water. It is common for some students to use a mat towel, covering their mats to avoid slipping.
  4. I’m looking to practice yoga but I’m not ready for the physical practice, do you offer anything?
    We have meditation practices on our regular schedule.
  5. I’m not able to afford membership or other class pricing, is there a way for me to still participate?
    You can participate in our energy exchange program by spending some time helping out at the studio every week in exchange for unlimited classes. Please contact us to learn more if you’re interested.We host donation classes where you pay what you can and all of the proceeds are given to a non-profit organization that we’re supporting that month (you can find updates for this on our community page).
    We also host donation classes to help fund passes for those in need of financial support. Contact us to apply for support, everyone is eligible and passes are distributed through a lottery system.
  6. Do you only have binary gendered change-rooms?
    No, we are aware that binary genders are not all encompassing. We have an inclusive bathroom that is easily visible and includes a shower and lockers. We welcome feedback on how we can improve our signage and services.
  7. I have family and friends who want to practice yoga but do not speak English. Do you offer classes in other languages?
    We are working hard on providing classes in multiple languages. Research shows that within our demographics, Cantonese is one of the languages by most people in our community. So our first foreign language class offering is in taught in Cantonese on our online classes page. We hope to be able to offer this in studio when we reopen.
  8. What temperature are your classes held at?
    Summer Temperature (2021):
    Standard Practice: 34-35.5 °C or 94-96 °F
    Flow/Flow II: 32-34 °C or 90-93 °F
    Heat is usually turned off for Meditation and Yin practices, usually 25°C or 77°F
  9. What’s the technology for heat, humidification and air?
    We have a built in HVAC system as well as fresh air exchange. There is a humidification system built into the room and radiant heat panels.

Please take a look at our studio etiquette page for more information.


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