Yoga Teacher/Co-Director

Darcy is the owner of Sukha Yoga Thornhill. She has been a yoga studio owner since 2008 and has been teaching yoga since 2005. She has completed a variety of yoga trainings, including Moksha Yoga, Yoga Works Method, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation.

She loves to pair her love of yoga and travel and has been leading yoga retreats in destinations like Costa Rica, Mexico and Italy for the past decade. When she is not immersed in all things yoga and business, she is a Mama to two incredible kids and spends time in the beautiful community in which she lives with her family, the Blue Mountains.

Darcy believes that yoga helps us awaken to our true nature, our beauty and our worth. She believes that the practice helps us peel away layers of built up residue that get in the way of who we truly are. When we shed these layers, there is a remembering or an awakening of our highest self; a plugging into the person we want to be. She is dedicated to helping people learn how to move beyond the frequency of doubt and fear and into the frequency of trust and love in order to gain more power and perspective in their lives.