Jaime started practicing yoga ten years ago when she participated in a community event with our yoga studio! Right away she was drawn into the connection between her mind, body, and soul that yoga supported. Although her practice was not consistent right off the bat, she knew that this beautiful practice was something she wanted to learn more about. Jaime took a deep dive into her yoga practice and our community about five years ago when she joined us as community manager. Although Jaime no longer works for us in that capacity, she loves being a part of our community in a teaching role.

Jaime’s background is in education, expressive arts, and yoga. She is a teacher registered with the Ontario College of Teachers and an Expressive Arts Practitioner registered with the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association. Jaime’s teaching style focuses on creating a safe space to explore self-awareness, and self-expression, while using movement and breath cues to help create the mind-body-heart connection.

Jaime has completed several different educational, arts, and yoga-based trainings to support her teachings as well as her own explorations into the self. Her focus as a teacher is on creating a safe container where students can freely express themselves and show up as they are.