Studio Etiquette

Studio Etiquette


Arrive early for class, late comers are not permitted

Only bring your yoga mat, towel and water into the practice room

All personal belongings are to be left in the change room lockers (please bring a lock)

The practice room is an uncluttered and quiet space, please respect silence in the room

Be scent free, please avoid perfumes, colognes and fragrances

Please, sign-in with us so that we know you have arrived for the class you registered for


Arrive early for class, late comers are not permitted

All personal belongings can come into the room, but must be stored in the cubbies provided

Your water bottle is the only item permitted next to your Reformer, to void clutter

Please exercise caution when adjusting your machine or moving props to ensure the longevity of our equipment

Pilates Socks are highly recommended to minimize slipping on the machine surface

You are required to wipe down your station at the end of each class


Your feedback is always appreciated.
Thank you for your cooperation.